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Nadja Czock

"Nadja has helped me become more confident and to see things from a new perspective. Before I saw her I was struggling to do the things I wanted to do because I was so shy, but now I can go about my day without stressing out. Thanks" --- Caitlyn


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“I had no idea how much difference these coaching sessions could make, but honestly they really opened up my eyes! They have been a source of help to me and many of my well-wishers and loved ones. My life is now better than ever, thank you!” ---Lisa

“When I met Nadja I literally faced problems everywhere in my life - at work, with my husband and my kids. I kept putting myself last, was constantly frustrated and worried about everybody and everything. Working with Nadja has showed me how to use my capabilities so that I can be everything to everyone and reach my personal goals at the same time – if I am just true to myself. My confidence and my self-esteem have improved…. My entire life has changed so much. Thank you! I feel like there isn’t anything I can’t conquer now.” ---Emma

“Thank you for the incredibly helpful support and work. If even a “heathen” like me can understand it and practice it, then so can others… can’t believe how much this changed my life and the way I view the world, thank you! I can say confidently that the sessions were a powerful treat for me and those around me. Keep up the good work!” ---Victoria


“The consultations were amazing and very helpful. I think it should be renamed THE PERFECT PATH TO TOTAL WELLBEING. It completely changed my life. I am very thankful to you.” ---Mike

“I used to have many doubts about my relationships and career until I switched to these life transforming coaching sessions. Nadja has provided me with simple steps and effective tools that are easy to understand and follow. It is a great way to completely awaken one’s mind, soul, and body. An excellent stress killer that is sure to make you a better person. I cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU!” ---Ryan

Hypnosis & Coaching

“I wasn’t living my life for years when I finally decided to contact Nadja. I never thought of myself as a confident or outgoing person but it got to a stage where I preferred to avoid social contact all together. When avoidance wasn’t possible I would endure the situation but become extremely anxious and distressed. In fact I was hardly able to do my own shopping. After seeing Nadja for a total of 5 hours I am now anxiety free and socially confident. I am so happy. This was the best thing that I did for myself ever and I would recommend Nadja to everyone.” ---Tanya

Nadja is a strong, confident woman who is able to help her clients see the bigger picture. She is good at structuring tasks and plans that are achievable to assist getting through difficult situations. She has a very good sense of how to help me be the person I aspire to be. Nadja is a great coach with a bubbly, cheerful attitude which makes her easy to work with yet she is also very firm when required. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about making changes for a better life. “ ---Kerry

"I thought I had done all my forgiveness/spiritual work and just needed some weight loss support. Come to find out I had a few layers to go and I have never before been so motivated to diet and exercise. For someone so young Nadja is very wise" ---Sangita

“I first met Nadja in October 2013. Since that time Nadja has helped me work through many areas regarding my own struggles around addiction, depression and family issues. I have found Nadja's positive attitude very enlightening and inspiring when I've wanted to give up, she encouraged me to continue moving forward to achieve goals I would not have been able to achieve otherwise.” ---Shaun