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How do you administer your treatments?

I work with clients from all over Australia and Germany, so, you can feel free to either come and pay me a visit in my South Hedland office if you’re looking for that face to face touch, or you can get in contact with us via Skype if it’s inconvenient to visit my office.
Skype is a highly acceptable format for everything including hypnosis providing that you have a solid and strong internet connection, and that you can be easily seen.

What is Hypnosis?

Simply put, it is a widely accepted way to helping people make deep changes to themselves at an unconscious level. Memories can be easily accessible, new information can be stored and your doorway between conscious and unconscious mind can be opened. There may be many misconceptions about hypnotherapy, but please be aware that you will only be able to make changes on the unconscious level that you’re comfortable with on a conscious level.
Relaxations responses are stimulated through clinical hypnosis as well as the ability of the mind to become deeply suggestible to highly positive new behaviours and outlooks.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Unblocking the structures of human communication and indeed provide more soaring heights of excellence and achievement can be attained through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through this you can communicate, think and manage yourself far more effectively, as well as greatly increasing the effectiveness with which you communicate with others.
Neuro relates to the way in which we think, and linguistic relates to how we communicate, as well as relating to the patterns of behaviour and emotion we exhibit through programming. Basically, NLP will show you how to use the language of the mind in the most effective way to consistently achieve your desires.

What is Time Line Therapy®?

This is widely known as one of the most deeply effective ways of creating lasting change in the mind by eliminating negative emotions and limiting factors. Our coaches will assist you through a process of imagination to review the old thought patterns and promote as well as realize new ways of dealing with issues to promote better outcomes for you in the future. Through Time Line Therapy you’ll be able to effectively set goals and find the ways to achieve them.

What is Holographic Kinetics?
Focusing on all of the imbalances in our bodies, Holographic Kinetics is one of the most effective methods in healing all of your imbalances. Based on ancient Aboriginal knowledge, this holistic approach looks at the body as a whole in order to access cellular memories that were passed down from previous generations, which may even include trauma. Holographic Kinetics will help you to process and deal with past thoughts and events which have the capacity to affect our present and future. Things like emotional disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, drug and alcohol addiction and suicidal thoughts are just some of the things that can be effectively dealt with and processed through the power of Holographic Kinetics.

How long will Coaching take?
This is a variable, and is highly dependent on the nature of the problem. So I always conduct an initial session to make sure I can find out more about the problems you’re encountering, how you’re currently dealing with them and the impact that they’re having on you before I can accurately assess the length of time you’ll need to be coached for, as well as settling on appropriate cost.

How soon will you see me?

I aim to make sure that you’re seen within one week of your first contact.
Though please bear in mind that I might give you an ordeal (a short task before we can meet for the first time) and not completing your ordeal within the set timeframe may well result in the postponement or cancellation of your further coaching sessions. Please call 0424 803 472 if you have any questions on this, or email

What can be expected from my coaching session?

We will talk in depth about your situation and your goals. I recommend that you are as open and honest about all this as you can possibly be, as the level of return you get from the coaching program is entirely dependent on how much you’re willing to put into it. Your commitment will have a great impact on how much you get from the sessions. My approach is outcome orientated, and providing you’re entirely open and honest with yourself and with me, I can make sure that any goal you can set yourself is completely achievable with my help and guidance.

How much will it cost?
To me, it’s not about money, it’s about your wellness. So I offer coaching packages to suit every budget; please feel free to contact us to make sure you get a personalized experience, and a very accessible and flexible system of payment plans to allow you to pay for sessions in installments. Get in contact today for your personalized pricing scale.

My Question is not listed here. What do I do?

No problem! If you have any other question, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.