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Nadja Czock
Hypnosis & Coaching

Creating Change & Solutions !!!  Let's work together.

I offer online and One and One coaching to anyone who is serious about change. I look forward to assisting you to achieve your desired outcome.

I don’t waste time with fluff! My goal is to solve your problem in the least amount of time. Results are GUARANTEED AND LASTING!




How does it work?

First of all we will have your FREE Initial Consultation so we can talk in depth about your situation and your goals and see if we are a fit. Then if so, we’ll schedule your first appointment and begin.

Though bear in mind that I might give you an ordeal (a short task) to complete before we can meet for the first session. 

The FREE consultation and your pre-tasking exercise provide information needed for me to tailor a program for you based on your needs. 
Next is the Change Work, where we remove your old problem and clean-up the past, tests, future pace. Last post tasking given.

Done! It’s that simple!

Now it's your turn. Everything you need to eliminate your challenges is available to you now. 

How do I start?

Don’t come to see me unless you really want to get results. If you’re serious, spend a few hours working with me in order to deliver the results you are longing for.

You have all it takes to transform your life – I am here to steer you!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

You will sleep better
Your mind will quieten down
You will have more energy and feel happier
How to get future outcomes that you want more easily
Simple mind tricks to change the way you feel, lift your mood and feel happy instantly
How to gain total control of your mind and body … plus your emotions

… AND much more!!!!

You won’t need to give any REASONS for not reaching targets, because you will have RESULTS instead.  So when would now be a good time to start? Well NOW of course ! So take advantage of this opportunity!

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Are you ready to start your NEW LIFE journey?  TAKE ACTION NOW

We both know that you deserve to live your life “grandly”. “We Both Know You Deserve Something Special”.

Take Control & Get Results Right Now

Get Started

If I am going to tell you the Great Secret of Success, that will allow you to:

  • Eliminate your self sabotaging behaviours
  • Create new choices and Elevate to higher purpose
  • Eliminate all doubts and worries
  • Change your limiting Values & Beliefs
  • Let go of Situations or Emotions that have built up Negativity inside of you
  • Outsmart your Willpower & And Finally Transform Your Life And Reach Your Goals!!!

Would you like to know about it ???

So if you want to be more, learn more, if you want to be happier, more fulfilled, or whatever area in your life you want to improve…I want to tell you this… change starts with a choice and here is yours!

You can either keep doing as you are doing currently, working hard and just doing ‘all right’.  Or, you can decide that now it will be all different and make an investment in yourself.

Here is how I roll:

I don’t waste any time with fluff. I don’t spend a lot of time wallowing about “the problem” – I focus on the structure of what prevents you from achieving your goal and finally, change this structure to make your goals achievable.

I don’t want to fix you by understanding your past because I know you are not broken. I focus on your present problem and future solutions.

I will assist you to reach any goal you set for yourself and help you build more control over your inner capabilities thus creating a compelling and achievable future.

What to expect?

Expect results. Expect more clarity. Expect that life will become easier. Expect new choices, possibilities, resources, skills and strategies for success. If you have been in a therapy session before, expect that this one will very different and quite a bit shorter. Expect that the efficient process that I use, will allow you to make the changes in your life that you want. This is Guaranteed!!!